personalized piggy bank

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Pink Piggy Bank

Pink Piggy Bank
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A Penny Saved, is a Penny Earned... - This timeless classic is our #1 gift! Now it is available in a soft pink glaze. We customize with your choice of up to 2 names and design. Similar in size to our Large Piggy Bank at 8" x 7" x 6".

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Featured Reviews:

Pink Piggy Bank
Pink piggy bank08/06/2015
By Carol Snay
This was my first time visiting the My Bambino website.I placed my order via the telephone and very much appreciated the good customer service. The item arrived very well packaged and in excellent condition. I chose the design of butterflies and flowers and was very pleased with its overall quality. I especially liked the large size. The ones I have seen in local retail stores are quite small. It has been my tradition for many years to give my grandchildlren and now first great grandchild their first piggy bank. My preference is the very large ones so this one was an excellent choice.
Pink Piggy Bank
Pretty in Pink10/29/2014
I ordered this large piggy in pink, with pink lady bugs, and black fine lines indicating the way the bugs fly. The name was also painted in a darker pink, but you could barely read the name. I returned the piggy with the suggestion that they outline the pink name in fine black and they did. It was returned to me and was perfect. This is not my first pig...maybe my tenth...and was the only problem I ever had, which turned out fine. Two weeks later I ordered a Jumbo white pig for another baby. As long as My Bambino is in business, I'll be a customer.
Pink Piggy Bank
Beautiful, Large, Piggy Bank11/15/2012
By Lauri Tufts
This piggy bank is perfect for any precious little girl (and aren't they all precious?). I ordered this one for our 6 year old daughter a part of her Christmas gifts this coming year, I of course opened it to "inspect" it and it is just perfect. Thank you for packaging it so carefully. I appears to have arrived it perfect condition. I love having the option to personalize things for her room, and this fits right in. Beautifully done. It is definitely larger than a "1st" piggy bank. It's going to take awhile to fill this one up : )
Pink Piggy Bank
Perfect piggy banks12/26/2014
By Claire Mandeville
I have twin granddaughters and we started off their savings with one big bank, as suggested by their parents. Now that they are five years old they wanted separate banks. These banks are really only suggestion is that the printing on the pink bank should not be in pink because it is hard to see. The twins love their new banks; however, one twin wanted a pink one, too!
Pink Piggy Bank
By Joyce Rosier
This Piggy Bank is so precious and cute. We gave it to our 6-year-old granddaughter for Christmas and the first thing she did was picked it up and hugged it. She just lost her two front teeth and guess where the money the piggy bank of course.

Featured negative reviews:

Pink Piggy Bank
Pink Piggy Bank12/09/2011
By Jesssica Colser
Although the piggy bank is very nice, we were disappointed that my granddaughters name, and the flowers on the pink pig, were painted in a pink color. This makes them blend in with the back ground and they do not stand out. We would hope the company would make a change in their paint color choices for the pig. The name does not stand out as shown in the picture and the flowers can just about be seen.