personalized piggy bank

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Personalized Piggy Bank

Personalized Piggy Bank
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Small  $17.99
Large $27.99
Jumbo $37.99

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A penny saved is a penny earned... - This timeless classic is our #1 gift! Adorable ceramic piggy bank is available in three sizes. All have coin slots on top and rubber plugs on the bottom. We customize with your choice of name and design. Sorry, birth information and full names on Jumbo Banks with full designs only. Up to two names on large bank, and first name only on small bank. Don't forget to check out all our piggy bank styles and colors. All Paint Certified Lead Free!! Small 4 1/2" x 4 x 3 1/2" Large 8" x 7" x 6" Jumbo 10" x 9" x 7". Design prices may vary.

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Featured Reviews:

Personalized Piggy Bank
Kennedy's Piggy Bank08/02/2015
By Sandy
You People are the BEST! First when I placed my order on line I didn't realize I had ordered 2 banks until I got an email from Don asking if I meant to order 2 banks. He thought I made a mistake & he was right, I then got a confirmation email from Michele letting me know the 2nd bank was cancelled & she refunded the money back to me. At the time I placed the order it said it could take up to 2 weeks to receive it. I placed the order on 7/26/15 & it was delivered 8/1/15. I was amazed!! When I opened the box I found brown paper & under that was another box with the bank in it wrapped in plastic & bubble wrap. Such TLC you give your product to make sure it reaches the customer intact. The Piggy Bank itself is beautifully done. I could not be more pleased. I sent my daughter 3 pictures of it & she also loves it. I will make this company my go to for gifts in the future. A very pleasant shopping experience! Word of mouth is the best advertisement! Thank you very much
Personalized Piggy Bank
OMG, LOVE IT!!!!07/26/2011
By Sarah Gates-Millard
I ordered the ladybugs & daisies design. My daughters room theme is purple ladybugs so I requested lavender ladybugs instead of red or pink and they were very accommodating said no problem. I received it and it's gorgeous!! It is so much more than I expected. I LOVE IT!! I would recommend it to anyone. I know why they are so popular as gifts, because they are so beautiful! I know some people had problems with it being broken when they received it but mine wasn't. I also read some complaints about the sticker placement but I didn't think it was that bad it was down almost in between the legs, I didn't think it was a big deal, some reviews made it sound like it was right under the tail, but it's not. Highly recommend this product :)
Personalized Piggy Bank
Cute piggy band10/13/2014
By Jennifer Hendren
It took me sometime before I ordered this item. Having said that I probably waited a little too long and was worried about it not getting here in time but the shipping was fast. The product was beautifully painted and everyone at the baby shower loved it. I like the fact that it is something that the baby will be able to have for many years. I got the medium sized one and it is perfect not too big but not that small. If you are looking for something different to give at a baby shower this is the way to go. Just don't wait as long as I did before ordering even though again I will say shipping was fast! I also like that there is a "picture" on both sides of the pig instead of it being all on one side. Thanks for the great gift!!!
Personalized Piggy Bank
LOVE IT!01/05/2011
By Connie
I bought 3 banks for my girls at Christmas and was worried how they would turn out, just because you know how ordering online can be ( not always what you think). However I was so excited when I opened them The paint job was beautiful. I examined them thinking they were too perfect and had to be stickers. The ladybugs, butterflies and flowers hot were the best! I also ordered the poodle and was so cute my only complaint was I wish they had used a brighter pink because its hard to see. I do agree the "my bambino" sticker they place on the bank is in a VERY bad place, and glad I didnt try the goo gone. I would have left the sticker had it been on the bottom out of site for the kids.
Personalized Piggy Bank
gifts of fun12/04/2014
By Judy Byrne
I have ordered 2 white large piggy banks each with a different design and name. They are ADORABLE. I am so excited to give them as gifts. It was easy to order, I even made a mistake on the first one I ordered. I simply called customer service immediately and they were so helpful and got me thru the process to get what I wanted. The banks were packed very well for shipping and arrived in perfect condition. We love the finished product. I am going to do this for all the kids we need gifts for because it is always so special to get a gift with your name on it and they are just so darn cute you can't help but love them.

Featured negative reviews:

Personalized Piggy Bank
By Elizabeth Morrow
I ordered the pink piggy bank with the "Monkey Girl" design. No where on the website did I see that I should explain that I wanted the monkey and my daughters name on the same side. The picture on the design page led me to believe they would be on the same side of the pig. When I received the pig, the monkey was on one side, and my daughters name was on the other with some flowers and a palm tree. When I called customer service they said they would not change it and send me another pig and said I should've known this could happen after watching the Youtube video on their site. I didn't see the video, because it doesn't appear when you click to order the pink pig, but only if you click the picture with the three pigs. They did offer to paint a smaller monkey on the name side if I send the pig back and pay for shipping both ways. The shipping both ways will cost almost as much as it did to order it in the first place. No thanks! You would think if the design was "Monkey girl" th