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Scratch & Dent

Outlet White Flip Stool

Outlet White Flip Stool
$19.99$24.99 On Sale!
musical princess jewelry box

Outlet Princess Jewelry Box
$54.99$24.99 On Sale!
Outlet White Bookends

Outlet White Bookends
$14.99$9.99 On Sale!
Outlet Espresso Flip Stool

Outlet Espresso Flip Stool
$19.99$22.99 On Sale!
beaded ceramic purse bank

Outlet Beaded Ceramic Purse Bank
$22.99$12.99 On Sale!
Outlet Deluxe Ballerina Jewelry Box

Outlet Deluxe Ballerina Jewelry Box
$44.99$22.99 On Sale!
outlet Round Table and  Chairs

Outlet Round Table and Chairs
$129.00$69.99 On Sale!
Outlet Blue Piggy Bank

Outlet Blue Piggy Bank
$19.99$18.99 On Sale!
outlet large fixed step stool - white

Outlet Large Fixed Step Stool - White
$59.99$24.99 On Sale!
outlet piggy bank - large

Outlet Piggy Bank - large
$26.99$16.99 On Sale!
Outlet  Piggy Bank - small

Outlet Piggy Bank - small
$15.99$8.99 On Sale!
Outlet Suitcase - Blue

Outlet Suitcase - Blue
$29.99$19.99 On Sale!
three peg espresso shelf

Outlet Three Peg Espresso Shelf
$39.99$16.99 On Sale!
Outlet Lap Desk

Outlet Lap Desk
$17.99$12.99 On Sale!
personalized natural growth chart

Outlet Natural Growth Chart
$34.99$18.99 On Sale!

Sometimes we get shipments of gifts that are not in the condition we can accept to pass on to our customers at regular price. These Scratch and Dent items are sometimes returned to the manufacturers, but sometimes we are able to sell them at a reduced price, with the idea that because they are less than perfect we sell them at a discount. Take a look above at what products are available at a lower price than normal due to imperfections. If you would like to purchase any of these particular personalized gifts in regular condition, just head to our normal catalog of products through the navigation to the left.