Small Dinosaur Belly Bank

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Green Dinosaur Belly Bank

Green Dinosaur Belly Bank
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Encourage savings…with the help of this little guy. Measuring 20" tall, this is a slightly smaller version of the popular 23" Dino Belly Bank. Pop a coin in his mouth and he will keep it in his clear belly until needed. Hours of entertainment watching the coins glide down. Made in the U.S.A. Coins can be removed from globe with the help from an adult. Dinosaur is also available in green, pink and aqua.

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Green Dinosaur Belly Bank
Dino Belly Bank01/20/2013
By Leah
Cutest bank ever!! All 3 of my kids got these when they were 1-2 years old and love them. My kids are 10, 8 and 6 now and still love and use them. Excellent quality. This is the perfect gift. We have 2 dino banks and 1 cat. We've given the flower one as a gift and it's adorable. Customer service was great. I received a call from the nicest woman who called me to let me know when the bank was on it's way. This is the perfect go to gift when you have no idea what to get a child!
Green Dinosaur Belly Bank
Begs To Be Fed06/29/2014
By Regina Graves
This is my third dinasaur pot belly bank. Children pretend to feed the dinasaur and love watching the coin travel down the neck into the belly. They also learn coordination in the act of inserting the coin. I will continue purchasing this bank for those little ones who come into my life.
Ps. The parents love it as well.
Green Dinosaur Belly Bank
So cute!12/28/2014
I bought this for my 3 1/2 y/o nephew and it was the perfect piggy bank. It can stand on the floor in his room and be at an ideal height for him to put coins in. The green Dino with his name on it was exactly as pictured. No cons to note. Great purchase and I would highly recommend.
Green Dinosaur Belly Bank
Pleasantly Surprised04/14/2012
By Barb Majino
Arrived just in time for Easter and what a surprise. It is well made, the green paint was vibrant and the personalization was perfect. I opted for rush delivery and received with in four days. Very Very Impressed!! My grandson loves it!!
Green Dinosaur Belly Bank
LOVE IT01/16/2015
By Rachel
I had been looking for a durable not-too-girly piggy bank-this fits the bill! My two year old carries it around. She loves it!