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Personalized Keepsakes And Baby's First Gifts

Personalized Ceramic Lady Bug Plate

Personalized Ceramic Lady Bug Plate
$19.99$9.99 On Sale!
Embroidered Bath Towels

Embroidered Bath Towel
from  $24.99
Embroidered Beach Towels

Embroidered Beach Towels
from  $26.99
personalized brag book

Personalized Brag Book
from $19.99
personalized new tooth fairy pillow

Personalized Gingham Tooth Fairy Pillow
$24.99$14.99 On Sale!
First Birthday Bib

First Birthday Bib
$23.99$6.99 On Sale!
hinged doodad box

Hinged Doodad Box
from $15.99

We want to do everything we can to make every moment of a child's life special and memorable. From every second of their first birthday to the first time the go to bed waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive. This collection of unique baby gifts allows you capture some of these moments with special gifts, as well as enhance a baby's first with hand painted personalized gifts. Start browsing our collection today to be prepared for your baby's next 'first.' Don't forget to see our personalized rocking chairs for girls and personalized rocking chairs for boys section. These childrens rocking chairs also make great keepsakes and can be passed down from generation to generation.