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Irish Baby Names

Browse My Bambino for great baby gift ideas! Find personalized rocking chairs, piggy banks, decorative art for the nursery and so much more. We know how important naming your child is; therefore we offer you a variety of both Irish and Italian baby names to make it easy. If you would like us to add any more names, please contact us! We would be happy to help. Also check out some of the more unusual baby names out there today.

Selection of Boy Names

Achaius: Horseman Adamnan: Little Adam Aidan: Warm
Arlen: Oath Baird: Traveling Singer Barre: Fair Head
Beacan: Small Beanon: Good Brennan: Raven
Caelen: Powerful Warrior Cahir: Warrior Camey: Champion
Casey: Observant Dempsey: Proud Delany: Child of a Competitor
Eoin: God is Good Farrell: Courageous Man Finnegan: Fair
Gale: Foreigner Glen: Narrow Valley Grady: Famous
Guthre: Windy Area Kearny: The Winner Keeley: Handsome
Kevin: Handsome Mackensie: Son of a Wise Leader Patrick: Nobleman
Quinn: Wise Rafferty: Prosperous Regan: Little King
Sean: God is Good Tadhg: Poet Tiernan: Little lord
Tyrone: Land of Owen Uinseann: On Who Conquers    

Selection of Girl Names

Aidan: Fire Aisling: Dream
Aibblin: Bright Aithne: Small fire
Barran: Little Top Beatha: Life
Berneen: Strong as a Bear Bidelia: Strong
Bride: Irish Goddess of Poetry Caolifhionn: Thin and Fair
Casey: Observant Ciara: Black
Darci: Dark One Decla: Of the family
Derry: Red Haired Dooriya: Ocean
Eadoin: She has lots of friends Eibhlin: Bright
Eileen: Shining Flanna: Red Hair
Keara: Dark Kelly: Female Soldier
Labhaois: Famous in War Mackenzie: Daughter of a Wise Leader
Maeve: Delicate Mona: Noble
Mugain: Slave Sorcha: Clear