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Italian Baby Names

At MyBambino.com we create great personalized gifts for babies and the entire family. With a unique, creative touch, we can make any baby gift a memorable, cherished treasure. Not only do we provide great baby shower ideas and games, but My Bambino also offers you a variety of popular baby names for your planning. Browse the selection of Italian baby names and maybe you'll find the perfect one for your bundle of joy. At My Bambino, we work with baby names all the time and we understand how important choosing a name is. Also check out some of the more unusual baby names out there today.

Selection of Boy Names

Adalfieri: Noble Oath Adrian: Northern Italian City Angolo: Angel
Anastasio:: Resurrection Angelo: Messenger Arrigo: Estate Ruler
Augustus: Worthy of Respect Belvedere: Beautiful to See Benedict: Blessed
Benvenuto: Welcome Biagio: Stutterer Bonadventure: Blessed undertaking
Bravo: Excellent Celesto: Heavenly Carlo: Charles
Dante: Everlasting Dino: Small sword Donato: Present
Elba: Place in Italy Enrico: Leader of the House Enzio: Ruler at home
Enzo: To win Ezio: Eagle Fiorello: Little Flower
Gaetan: Area in Italy Gino: Living forever Giovanni: God is good
Giancarlo: John and Charles Julio: Roman clan name Leonardo: Bold as Lion
Luciano: Light Nuncio: Messenger Orsini: Bearlike
Orlando: Famous Land Pino: God will add Primo: First son
Silvio: Forest Tomaso: Twin Ugo: Intellect

Selection of Girl Names

Adriana: Black Earth lda: Old Albina: White
Aria: Melody Balbina: Stutterer Bambi: Child
Benitri: God has blessed Bianca: White Caprice: On a whim
Cara: Dear Carina: Darling Carla: Woman
Dalmassa: Area in Italy Enrica: Leader of the house Fabrizia: One who works with hands
Fiammetta: Sputtering flame Filippina: Lover of horses Fortunata: Roman goddess of luck
Gaetana: Area in Italy Gia: Queen Giacinta: Hyacinth
Gianina: God is good Giovanna: God is good Guida: guide
Ignazia: On fire Imelda: Embracing the fight Julietta: Downy
Louiza: Famous soldier Lunneta: Moon goddess Marinna: From the sea
Mia: Mine Roma: Rome Serena: Serene
Valeria: Strong Zaira: Princess Zola: Piece of the earth