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train bib with washcloth

Train Bib with Washcloth
$23.99$5.99 On Sale!
pony bib with washcloth

Pony Bib with Washcloth
$19.99$5.99 On Sale!
lil miss bib

Lil Miss Bib
First Birthday Bib

First Birthday Bib
$23.99$6.99 On Sale!
duck bib with washcloth

Duck Bib with Washcloth
$19.99$5.99 On Sale!
birthday bib with washcloth

Birthday Bib with Washcloth
$19.99$5.99 On Sale!

From bibs to personalized rompers, we have the perfect gift for newborn babies. When they are this young, they will need everything - bibs, washcloths, blankets and t shirts. They can't have too many of them. Why not give them one or two that stand out from the rest. These personalized items will not only be used countless times, they will make great conversation pieces when used. Be sure to check out My Bambino for any of your baby clothing and apparel needs. Check out our big sister t-shirts and big brother t-shirts. They are the perfect personalized gift to give to the older sibling when there is a new baby in the family.