Personalized Growth Charts are a useful adornment to your child’s room decor

Among many of our popular items, the personalized growth chart continues to delight customers as an indispensable tool for families with growing children. What is a growth chart? It is a measuring device similar to a ruler that is secured at a fixed height from the floor and used periodically to measure a child’s stature as he or she grows taller.

Families often simply mark down their child’s height along a favorite door frame or even along a wall unless they have the good fortune of obtaining a nice growth chart instead. Kids get excited to see the progress they have made and how much taller they are each time you record their height. It’s good to have the kiddies measured in a planned fashion at regular intervals. You might want to measure them every six months or once a year on their birthdays.

So…instead of just having the children stand against the door frame or the corner of the wall, why not try one of My Bambino’s genuine wooden growth charts instead?

As one of our most popular newborn and first birthday gifts, the beautiful personalized growth chart hangs easily with a tack nail. It’s a great baby gift and keepsake, and in these busy times, it can serve as a modern day baby book.

My Bambino offers this sturdy wooden item in three finishes: white, natural, and espresso. You may also order the growth chart (in white) with cutouts along its length for sliding in your favorite photos.

The finish on our personalized growth chart is lovely enough in its own right, but the chart is absolutely beautiful once the design of your choice is applied. There are many design options to choose from depending on the age, gender, and personality of your child. Our designs are plentiful to match any decor, colors or interests.

Do you know a little princess? We have a princess design that features a crown, a magic wand with flowing ribbon, and a trail of magic dust with hearts and stars. Or how about a little future all-star? Our sports design includes a basketball, a soccer ball, a football, a baseball with bat and glove, and cute accents like blades of grass (outdoor sports) and “bouncy” dotted lines to indicate movement of the sports balls listed.

Our personalized growth chart is available in two different applications, hand-painted or
imprinted with the design of your choice. For your reassurance, both processes are non- toxic and permanent so that the design withstands whatever surprises it encounters.

With hundreds of designs from which to choose, we are certain that you will find something pleasing and fun! Whatever your choice, it is always with your child’s name either hand-painted across the top or imprinted vertically along the length of the item, enhanced by elements of the design you have selected.

The growth chart, which begins at 2′ 6″ from the floor, is an archival record that you can take with you if you move. Remember when our parents used to mark our height with a ruler and a pencil along the length of the door frame … and then at some point in time, the door frame would need to be refinished or replaced? Well, this popular item saves the door frame! And you will always have it with you wherever you go.

In addition, the personalized growth chart allows room to record details beyond date and age; for example, my kids have notes such as how many freckles Tali had at age three and how many teeth Caden had lost. These other interesting tidbits become precious memories for you and your children.

Several years ago, one of Tali’s really tall friends asked to have her height measured. We happily complied, and today that notation is a sweet memory now that Tali has grown into a pre-teen.

I had one customer that wanted to use a growth chart from birth (without having to wait for her baby to be old enough to stand up), so I suggested adding ribbon to the bottom and then adding the details of the infant’s monthly checkups. This customer-inspired idea would help to create memories right from the get-go.

As you can see, the personalized growth chart is a very versatile gift that you can enhance with your own notations to make it truly special and unique to your family.


It’s been a long time since we wrote a blog post.  We have been doing a ton of changes at MyBambino personalized gifts over the past 6 months.

We started our year of change building an online previewer for our product. The idea behind this tool  was to be able to give a visual aid for customers to see what the personalized product they would be getting before they purchase the product.  It sounds pretty simple in concept, but it can be more than a little complicated setting it up.  We think that it will be a great tool for the future.  We by building and testing in out on just a few products.  Things went well and now it is live on about 80 gifts.  We hope, in the next year to have a ton of product set up on it.

Our next change was converting all of our luggage and bags from hand painting to embroidery.  We wanted to have our luggage to be more durable and rugged than in the past.  We felt by embroidering luggage and bags, instead of hand painting them, would accomplish this.  Customers are responding very positively.  For us, it’s fantastic to be able to offer another personalization technique in order to keep the business moving forward.  Without a doubt, we are extremely proud of all of our embroidered kids backpacks, bags and luggage that leave our warehouse.

Lastly, came a big investment in uv printing.  We have been having some difficulty over the years achieving consistency in some of our hand painted product. Because each artist styles are a little different, no two gifts will be exactly the same.  This can be both a blessing and a curse. While many products will still be hand-painted, we were confident that some product would be better offered with printing because of not only the consistency of quality but also the amazing detail in design. Additionally, we added over 100 new detailed designs for our printed product.  We offered our first printed product for sale at the end of August.  Since then, we have sold far more than expected.

With all these changes, we our a little drained here at MyBambino.  Hopefully we can recharge our batteries before the holiday season!!

Personalized Gift Making “Holiday Style” at My Bambino

For e-commerce retailers, the holiday season is upon us. It’s a crazy time of year for My Bambino, especially since most of our product requires hand painting and personalizing. Imagine your normal business on any given day and then multiply it by three or four. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it is, but unless your just putting items in a box and shipping them, then it requires a ton of work and planning! It isn’t easy.

At My Bambino, our planning for the holiday season begins in early July.  By this time all of our orders from our suppliers are done and we can concentrate on a plan for production and hiring during for the 4th quarter.  We actually start painting items that will be sold in November and December. While these items aren’t personalized, we always try to have a ready stock of our most popular designs ready to grab and personalize during the peak Holiday rush.

During September and October, we begin hiring new artists and support staff and training them. To do three times the sales, you need three times the people. Seasonal employees all have to be as good as your permanent staff. Some of our temporary staff is new every year, so they require a significant amount of training. Fortunately, we have some of the same people come back to work for us every year during the 4th quarter. We really rely on these key seasonal employees to do a great job year after year.

Once November rolls around, it is all hands on deck at My Bambino.  Hopefully, most of our planning has gone well, but more often than not, there are always things that happen. Sometimes, even our marketing director is packing boxes.  We have been doing this for 20 years and nothing runs like you plan it! Steinbeck puts it best, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” Sometimes though, I think that is half the fun!

Every year during the holiday season, we are working like busy elves day and night. The season can be tiring, frustrating, and hectic. Yet, it can also be rewarding, challenging and just plain fun! At My Bambino, we love satisfying our customers with creative personalized gifts. We wouldn’t trade the busy holidays for anything.







Digital Personalization

MyBambino has always prided itself on being the internet destination for hand painted personalized baby gifts. While we are artists and hand painting will always remain at the core of our business, our customers over the years convinced us to add digital designs and personalization to some of our best selling products. The results have been fantastic! Continue reading

Manage Your Baby’s Sleep through Structured Naps

Anyone who has looked after a baby knows that the business of babies and sleeping is tough and exhausting. New parents expect to be sleep deprived with their new bundle waking every couple of hours to be fed and comforted. This state of exhaustion can be managed early, the results being a baby sleeping through the night by 2-4 months of age. The ticket is structured nap times.

Structured nap times, also referred to as Continue reading

Getting Ready for Back to School Already??

We have past the 4th of July and inevitabily the summer season begins to feel much shorter. It’s hard to believe school is almost here. I know the kids aren’t very happy, but as much as I will miss them during the day, school is a good place for them. At least they won’t be bored! Continue reading

Big Brother, Big Sister – BIG DEAL!

Proud Big Brother

The new arrival brings much change. If this child isn’t the first born then it is not just the parents that will need to adjust. Graduating from “Only Child” or “Little Brother/Sister” to “Big Brother or Big Sister” is a big deal and should be celebrated as such.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

What a nasty, rainy day! At least we don’t work outside. I hope are roof doesn’t leak though or we might as well be working outside.

If you hadn’t gotten a chance to peruse our personalized childrens placemats, they are well worth the $11.99. Faster clean up after mealtime makes life a little easier!

All seems to be moving along quite well here at MyBambino. Continue reading

Personalized Baby Gifts

Happy New Year!

At, we would like to thank all of our great customers for supporting our small woman owned business.  We know that things have been tough the last couple of years.  We are extremely grateful to be here and do what we love! Thank YOU!

As quickly as 2012 went by, we are gearing up for a big year at  Over the next several months, we will be releasing many new products.  We are getting better and better at personalized apparel and soft goods.  Late December, we came out with a whole new line of personalized pillow cases.


They have been extremely popular already.  We are pushing are design team Continue reading


According to our business stats, we are selling a ton of personalized place mats. While this is our goal with every new product line, like many of life’s endeavors, these objectives are sometimes difficult to reach. So the place mats must be pretty cool. Be sure to check them out.  The kids love them and clean up is a breeze!

For over 25 years she has been toiling in the dark depths Continue reading