Big Brother, Big Sister – BIG DEAL!

Proud Big Brother

The new arrival brings much change. If this child isn’t the first born then it is not just the parents that will need to adjust. Graduating from “Only Child” or “Little Brother/Sister” to “Big Brother or Big Sister” is a big deal and should be celebrated as such.

For over 20 years MyBambino has been selling our Custom Sibling Shirts. These Sweatshirts, T-shirts (long & and short sleeved) and Rompers are undeniably for them. Featuring the child (hair color, hair style, eye color and skin tone) under their new title and above their name. These shirts make a great hospital gift for the older sibling and are the perfect prop for those first sibling photos.

Below are other ways to celebrate and prepare the older sibling for a new baby.

  • Take a trip down memory lane. Look at your child’s baby pictures and share stories of their arrival and first year.
  • Let them be a part of selecting the new baby’s name. Yes, you are setting yourself up to welcome Baby Dora or Thomas the Tank, but asking for their suggestions will make them feel very special.
  • Have your little one choose a gift for the new baby and have a gift prepared for the baby to give them. My son chose some books and a rattle for his baby sister. She gave him a game with the promise to play with him as soon as she was big enough.
  • Take your little one along to a doctor’s appointment where they too can hear the baby’s heartbeat or view the sonogram.
  • Instead of a Baby Shower have a “Big Sister Party”, where the focus is on them, even if guest bring a little something for the baby too.
  • Include the sibling in the birth announcement. Example “Big Sister Isabella Welcomes Baby Cecelia”
  • Give the older child a lifelike doll with accessories. They can cuddle, feed, change and tend the doll as others tend to the new born.

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