According to our business stats, we are selling a ton of personalized place mats. While this is our goal with every new product line, like many of life’s endeavors, these objectives are sometimes difficult to reach. So the place mats must be pretty cool. Be sure to check them out.  The kids love them and clean up is a breeze!

For over 25 years she has been toiling in the dark depths of the personalization business, one piggy bank at a time, as we always like to say at MyBambino. Our founder Michele has put her spirit and soul into MyBambino, day in and day out.

Now we wish her luck as she embarks on another toiling journey, marriage! Congratulations, to our founder Michele and her new husband Rick, who are getting married on Friday! He is a great guy and hopefully he can keep fixing our computer problems at a good discount!! LOL

Seriously, best of luck and best wishes for a happy life together!

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