Digital Personalization

MyBambino has always prided itself on being the internet destination for hand painted personalized baby gifts. While we are artists and hand painting will always remain at the core of our business, our customers over the years convinced us to add digital designs and personalization to some of our best selling products. The results have been fantastic!

Digital designs now here in full force at All of our personalized apparel  is done digitally. We findpersonalized owl t-shirt that this type of personalization not only is more consistent in design, but also to be extremely durable. The colors don’t bleed, drip, run, for fade, making your or your child’s personalized apparel wearable for years.

After 6 months of painstakingly developing new designs and processes, we are now offering digital designs and personalization on some of our best selling furniture pieces. In addition to our traditional hand painted designs, all of our personalized step stools,  rocking chairs, tables and chairs, and jewelry boxes, are now offered with imprinted digital designs.

We offer customers their choice of over 16 different digital designs. The designs are fun with bright colors. Customers can choose not only the color of the design and font for personalization, but also the type of font. Again like theimprinted step stool apparel, this style of personalization is extremely durable and won’t fade.

Of course all of our personalization is free here at We hope you give some of our new digitally personalized products a try. You and your little gift recipient will love them!

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