Personalized Baby Gifts

Happy New Year!

At, we would like to thank all of our great customers for supporting our small woman owned business.  We know that things have been tough the last couple of years.  We are extremely grateful to be here and do what we love! Thank YOU!

As quickly as 2012 went by, we are gearing up for a big year at  Over the next several months, we will be releasing many new products.  We are getting better and better at personalized apparel and soft goods.  Late December, we came out with a whole new line of personalized pillow cases.


They have been extremely popular already.  We are pushing are design team to come up with stylish new designs for personalized t-shirts and rompers for babies and kids.  I can’t wait to see some of the results.

This week, our head of customer service is taking a well deserved vacation in Florida. Her name is Lisa. If you have called us, you have probably talked to her on the phone.  She is awesome! Hopefully,  Lisa is resting on the beach or someplace sunny and warm as we speak.

Don’t forget Valentine’s day will be here soon.  It is a terrific day to give the little ones a personalized gift!  Please don’t hesitate to call us 800 927 0707 or email us for suggestions. Don’t forget to sign up for our email list, so you can get up to date on the latest discounts.



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