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MyBambino is your source for exquisite personalized jewelry boxes for girls. Each jewelry box is made of high quality components that will last for years and years. Choose from over 150 different designs to match any room decor. What a fantastic gift for any little princess!

musical princess jewelry box

Princess Jewelry Box
from $56.99
hinged doodad box

Hinged Doodad Box
from $15.99
Personalized Christina Musical Jewelry Box

Personalized Christina Musical Jewelry Box
Ring Holder

Ring Holder
$19.99$11.99 On Sale!

All of our musical jewelry boxes come with a Sankyo music boxes. We use high quality fabric for the interior of the boxes as well as high grade lead-free paint for the top coat. Check out our ballerina jewelry box and this best selling childrens jewelry box, which is a lovely musical jewelry armoire.