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pencil case

Pencil Case
$9.99$4.99 On Sale!
personalized pencil cup

Personalized Pencil Cup
from  $9.99
chalkboard busy box w/ goodies

Chalkboard Busy Box
$29.99$26.99 On Sale!
personalized art box

Personalized Art Box
$22.99$18.99 On Sale!
hinged doodad box

Hinged Doodad Box
from $15.99
Envelope Catch-all

Envelope Catch-all
$22.99$16.99 On Sale!
Little Purse

Little Purse
Personalized CD Holder

Personalized Round CD Holder
$18.99$2.99 On Sale!
Personalized CD Wallet

Personalized CD Wallet DVD Case
$15.99$1.99 On Sale!
personalized wallet

Personalized Velcro Wallet
$12.99$9.99 On Sale!
Pop Up Laundry Bin - Blue

Pop Up Laundry Bin - Blue
$22.99$6.99 On Sale!
Pop Up Laundry Bin - Pink

Pop Up Laundry Bin - Pink
$22.99$6.99 On Sale!

Scrapbook Organizer

Scrapbook Paper Project Organizer
$24.99$8.99 On Sale!
personalized rope pail

Personalized Rope Pail
from $12.99
Personalized Shelf Box

Personalized Shelf Box
from $15.99
personalized lap tray

Personalized Lap Tray
from $16.99

Looking to better organize your little student's supplies this school year? We have a great solution. Our personalized school supply containers give kids a fun way to organize and transport almost all of their supplies. Art boxes, pencil cases, envelope holders and more give you plenty of options to choose from. Once you have chosen which items will best organize your child's supplies, you then get to personalize it with their name and a fun design that will really showcase their personality. For those rainy days, we have an excellent selection of personalized childrens umbrellas that will keep them dry.