Personalization Tips

Do all designs include personalization? Yes.

Can I choose more than one design per item?No. Each item can have only 1 design.

Where do I choose my design and place my personalization information?Click the Add to Cart button. This button will take you to the shopping cart page. There will be a drop down box to select your design and a white text box to enter your personalization information.

How do I order more than 1 unit of the same item? Click the Add to Cart button. After entering your design and personalization information on the shopping cart page, click the Continue Shopping button at the bottom of the screen. Then repeat the process again.

Are all designs available on all items? No. Certain designs may not fit on certain items because of the item's size or shape.

What is a single design? It is a small design around the name only. We recommend this style of design for those customers who think less is more. Design numbers 78-101.