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Searching for the perfect baby name to suit your newest bundle of joy, but are tired of hearing all the 'normal' name suggestions? Browse our list of unusual baby names and discover a funky, earthy or unique name that satisfies your search! For Irish or Italian baby names, check out these suggestions

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Selection of Boy Names

Aidan: Fire Akanni: Brings wealth Amory: Leader
Atwater: Water Berkley: Town in Britain Bergen : Hillside dweller
Boaz: Quick Beanon: Good Beanon : Good
Brychan: Speckled Camlo: Beautiful Cannon : Official of a church
Caelen: Powerful warrior Chand: Shining Moon Cisco: Frenchman
Colston: Unknown property owner Cyrus: Sun Dakota: Friend
Faraj: Cure Flint: Stream Galt: One from Galt
Gaspard: Wealthy man Gonzalo: Wolf Kilohana: Supreme
Latavao: Homebody Loukanos: Area in Italy Mallory: Sad
Marden: Valley with a pool Navarro: Land Oakley: Meadow of Oak trees
Orban: Urbanite Pepin : One who perseveres Quinn: Wise
Rafferty: Prosperous Reeve: Baliff Safa: Pure
Sanborn: Sandy river Severn: Boundry Sinclair: Town in France
Tadhg: Poet Taro: First male Tiernan: Little lord

Selection of Girl Names

Abena: Born on Tuesday Acadia: Village
Adonia: Beauty Banita: Woman
Bayo: Happiness Blaine: Thin
Brunell: Light brown hair girl Bryony : Vine
Candida: White Fabrizia: One who works with hands
Fallon: Related to a leader Faustine: Lucky
Fipe: Bright Gaia: Earth
Gypsy: Gypsy Gianina: God is good
Guida: Guide Haper: Harp Player
Heloise : Famous in war Indigo: Dark Blue
Ivy: Plant Jennica: God is good
Kai: Forgiveness Kame: Tortoise
Kani : Sound Leya: The law
Mugain: Slave Sorcha: Clear